Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ron Paul's God Complex

I have never seen a political ad quite like this particular. At least I have not seen one like it which the candidate made about himself. It reminds me of the John McCain ad mocking Barack Obama for considering himself The One. I think Ron paul’s ad is serious, though. There is nothing to hint it is meant to be humorous.

This guy has a serious god complex. His ad runs like the trailer to some new blockbuster movie. How anyone can take the guy seriously after watching it is beyond me. As sympathetic as I am to his ideals, Paul is not the right messenger, and this thing proves it.

Too bad his acolytes will not get the message. I have not paid them much attention over the years, but in this election cycle, they appear to have gotten more obnoxious to the point I cannot help it. There is nary an internet forum or comment section, political or otherwise, that does not have a Paulista annoying anyone else who dares think Paul is anything less than absolutely correct across the board.

They are doing this spamming under the mistaken cause and effect belief that paul’s ideas are so dangerous and subversive, the media will not pay him any attention. If only they would, the people would hear Truth and elect him in a landslide. The gatekeepers of the status quo cannot allow that to happen, so the Paulistas are spreading the gospel one internet forum at a time.

Truth is, of course, the media does not pay paul any attention because he has no shot at winning. All you have to do is listen to him for a bit to figure out why. His time, if he ever had one, has long since come and gone. Pass the baton, paul, before you forever taint strict constructionism, which has a unfair bad rap already.

But if the Paulistas insist on spreading the word to get their man elected, I will go along with the gag. Watch the above campaign ad and explain to me how it in any way makes you want to vote for paul. It will be a hard sell.

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